Swimming in Sulfur

I’d always wanted to go on a catamaran. So thanks to Sunset Oía for a stunning day trip through the Mediterranean Sea. I highly recommend the excursion to anyone going to Santorini, it is extremely luxurious as you boat through different parts of Santorini and are served bottomless food and endless drinks along with anything else you could ever want. The journey started as we stopped at the red and black beaches to snorkel. To my surprise, there were beautiful fish near the black beach that I could get close to and admire their stripes. I snorkeled through the reefs for awhile until the catamaran was heading toward the Volcano.

The Minoan Eruption occurred a long time ago but is the reason that there are separate islands throughout Santorini. It is expected that the volcano will erupt again in the future. Our boat went right up to the volcano, where we were given the opportunity to swim in the volcanic hot springs. The hot springs were the color of mud, which is the result of the sulfur that sits at the bottom of the sea from the lava of the previous eruption. We were advised to not wear white or light colors because the sulfur stains. I jumped into the water and noticed it became warmer as I made my way toward the darker colored water. Huge volcanic rock surrounded me and the bath water felt nice against my skin. The water is known for its healing agents that aid the human body. Fun fact-we learned on the catamaran that one man lives on the volcanic island along with chickens and farm animals. I’ve never been more surprised to see a chicken peering down at me as I swam in the hot spring.

We passed many more well known parts of Santorini as I sat on the flexible rope back on the catamaran. We saw the layers of the mountain that the donkeys run up to transport people to the top of the mountain. For now I will add a donkey ride in Santorini along with seeing the historic lighthouse to my bucket list.

I met lots of worldly people on the boat who had traveled all over Europe. There were several very friendly Australians who recommended getting a helicopter to see all of Santorini along with going scuba diving. Maybe one day when we’re made of money we too can participate in these activities but for now the catamaran is more than enough 🙂

The excursion ended as we watched the sunset over Oía from the catamaran. It was definitely a different experience watching the sunset from the water and was a nice gesture when the crew members took pictures of us in front of the sunset.

A bus took us back to Fira where we had another dinner at Mama’s house (lol). Somehow even though I’m in Greece now, I’m still in the Italian habit of eating pasta and gelato. Bridget and I then had another night of exploring shops and night life before we have to check out of our villa in the morning. Santorini, my favorite destination so far.


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