I Successfully Planned A Trip to Greece Ft. Steve Aoki

Cosmo’s is our favorite place for breakfast here in Mykonos. It’s right in town near Little Venice and serves delicious Nutella Croissants, which are a big draw. Yesterday was our final day in Mykonos. After adjusting to life here, we have started to “really live our best lives,” as Bridget says. It just took a few road bumps to get here. Yesterday morning, we woke up and went shopping but my bronchitis was particularly bad and the locals were starting to become concerned. After the realization that I was getting worse and doctor’s offices were closing for the weekend, I finally got the name of a private English speaking practice in Greece, which happened to be a hospital. The main issue was that the hospital was far away and there wasn’t a feasible way to get there. So, to the ATV rental we went (sorry mom.) We hopped on our new ATV and to the hospital I drove. The Greek hospital was very interesting. Everyone spoke very boldly and before I knew it, I was getting blood tests, X-Rays, and an injection…but now I hopefully have the right medicine to get me better from my bronchitis.

After leaving the hospital and feeling reassured that my new medicine would help me heal, it was time for another day of hotel promoting, today with Myconian Avaton. “Let’s throw these X-Rays in the back of the ATV and get going!” Bridget said. Again, I agreed to take pictures and make a video for the resort to feature on social media and was able to use their facilities in exchange. We had a 30-minute ATV ride to the hotel, which was extremely windy. Unfortunately, our lower power ATV couldn’t make it up all the hills. So, sometimes we would have to go back down the hill after getting stuck and use the momentum to quickly spin the vehicle around and get back up. Eventually, we arrived at the palatial Myconian Avaton. Bridget and I stood in shock as we stared at the multiple infinity pools and took a few pictures as we watched the sunset behind the mountains. Going to the hotel in the evening turned out to work out well, as it was beautiful to watch the pink reflection over the clear pool water. As the sunset and the sky started to get darker, twinkle lights turned on and filled the bottom of the infinity pools, lighting up the entire outdoor area. Bridget and I were given a large inflatable swan to use for pictures in the pool, and if you know us, you know that’s about all we need in life. Pictured above are some low quality snapchats taken from my phone.

“Both of you get on that, we’ll take some pictures of you with our nicer camera,” said a man who seemed fairly young and was sitting by the pool. We accepted his offer and got to talking with him and his friend as he told us he was from California. Both of the men were very nice and took many pictures of Bridget and me, as they loved photography and videography. They were fascinated by our entrepreneurship of being at the hotel (lol) and after talking awhile, told us to follow them on Instagram. When I saw that one of the men, Caesar had tens of thousands of followers, I asked him about how he was so well known. It soon came up that Caesar is a famous DJ, Steve Aoki’s photographer, and the other man, Alex, is Steve Aoki’s videographer. They have shot and worked closely with many other famous artists such as Marshmello, the Chainsmokers, and Dan Blitzerian. Bridget and I couldn’t contain ourselves, as we found out that we were standing outside of where Steve Aoki was staying.

“Would you guys want to come backstage for tonight’s show?” they asked. “Steve is performing at 3am at Cavo Paradiso Night Club along with Blink 182, you guys can come back for free with us.” We were thrilled to be invited to the show and were beyond excited. After thanking our new friends, we got back on our ATV to take our 30-minute cruise back home to get ready. I’m writing this post as I’m about to nap before tonight’s excursion. It’s been an unreal day, but I’m excited that next time I post, I’ll be checking in from Rome, Italy, where I’ll meet up with my parents who are visiting after my month in Europe. The journey continues!


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